3 success factors you should know about career transformation

1. Accelerating career development with career positioning. Before you can successfully transform your career, you must fully understand your interests, personality, skills, values and your career potential. You must understand the correlation between your strengths and the target industry, and how you can make up for your gaps. Only by positioning yourself for the right direction can you effectively realize your potential.

2. Understanding the target industry and do a “career Interview”. If possible, I suggest you make extensive use of the network resources around you to ask people who work in the industry. You may wish to do a “career interview” in a planned way, you may collect a lot more valuable information and some information may directly affect your decision.

3. Avoiding feeling of gains and losses during the adaptation phase. Any transition requires a period of adaptation. Adaptation to the new environment or new income that may be lower than before, etc. In the adaptation period, try to cope with a calm mindset and keep imagining what success look like for you.

Opportunities belong only to those who are prepared, as do career transitions.


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