How To Be Job Ready During COVID-19 Pandemic

Let me first analyse the current Australian job market. Because of the epidemic, the Australian economy has been hit hard, especially in education, tourism and some service industries such as catering and entertainment. In this case, many casual employees will face job losses.

We may see in the near future that more people will lose their jobs. According to my understanding of the recruitment market and the information given by the industry, many positions will have a hiring freeze because companies have little confidence in the current economic market. However, there are several positive aspects to mention.

First, positions in finance, accounting, and IT will continue to open up relative to other positions. Although vacancies will shrink, new jobs will continue to appear. Secondly, the opportunities for contract or project work will likely to increase. So, don’t just look at permanent jobs only, you should also fight for short-term contract work. Therefore, we are not without opportunities, but the point is that how to grasp these precious positions.

  1. Eliminate negative emotions and be filled with positive energy. If your mind is not positive, then you will be filled with worry, despair and short-sightedness when applying for jobs. This attitude will make you lose confidence and put you into a situation where you will apply for any job you see and accept any offer that is present to you. One of the candidates I coached recently made such a mistake when negotiating salary. I told him to ask for a salary based on the market price combined with his experience. However, because he has the mentality that “it is lucky to have a job in the current epidemic situation”, he accepted the offer and did not negotiate. When he stared, he told me that he was paid $20,000 less than his market value and his peers. Therefore, regardless of the external environment, we must maintain a positive attitude and keep our confidence level high.
  2. Use this time to set your career path. Research which industry or job best suits you. Learn more about each industry, job, company and their strategic plans. What their reputations are like in the industry, what’s the size of the company and training initiatives for new hires. Use this information to find a suitable career direction and make a tailored action plan accordingly.
  3. Prepare for future job applications. This includes networking, establishing a LinkedIn profile and actively engaging with people in your desired industry. You should also perfect your resume and making it appealing to employers and recruiters. Ensure your resume highlights your expertise, achievements with a personal touch and its error free. Then, proactively making introduction with employers and recruiters.
  4. Upskilling through online courses. This is a perfect time for upskilling. Conduct a skill assessment, identify your skill gaps and updkill. There are many online resources available such as LinkedIn Learning where you can learn a range of topics from project management, marketing, customer service to Microsoft 365 and Excel.

If you need me to further explain any points above, please make contact. I have also launched a special job searching package during this pandemic including resume writing, creating a LinkedIn profile, email and LinkedIn introduction templates to recruiters and employers and professional development coachings. Limited numbers only and very affordable price. If you want to seize opportunity to secure a job at this time, please get in touch now!


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