Top 8 Things Can Immediately Improve Your Job Search

There are currently four types of job seekers on the market. The first type is fresh graduates looking for their first job; the second type is the unemployed; the third type is people who are currently employed but are looking for a new position; the fourth type is for people who may be unemployed in the coming months. No matter what your situation is, please don’t take a wait-and-see approach. In job searching, you must actively prepare and take immediate action. Here are 8 important things that can immediately improve the efficiencies of your job search.

  1. Register your personal information and upload your resume on the top 5 job search platforms. Employers and head-hunters will often search for suitable candidates on these platforms. If your education, background and experience meet the requirements of employer, these platforms will actively recommend your resume.
  2. When searching for jobs, search by ‘date’ not by ‘relevance’. This way, you can see the latest jobs every day, even every hour.
  3. Download job search apps onto your mobile phone and check these apps at least twice a day. Apply jobs within 24-48 hours after the job is posted. You need to be an early applicant. In the current job market, the timeliness of applications is the key to success.
  4. Read the job requirements carefully. If you meet 60% of the reqruiements, please apply! Due to the intense competition, please apply more jobs than you normally would each day. Be flexible and apply all types of roles including full time, part time and contract positions. If you are only looking at full time positions, you may miss excellent job opportunities.
  5. Your resume should not only describe the position and responsibilities, but also reflect the quantifiable and measurable.
  6. Write a strong “professional summary” in your resume. Try to summarise your career into two paragraphs. This is the first thing a hiring manager will be looking at. If your professional summary fails to attract the hiring manager’s attention, they will not continue to read your resume.
  7. Set up a LinkedIn account and write a headline that defines you. Don’t just say “seeking new opportunities”. You can also use LinkedIn for networking, such as joining a job search group or connecting with recruiters.
  8. Ask your peers, managers and lectures to give you a written recommendation on LinkedIn. It will increase your ranking in the search results.

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