Career Coaching

As an accomplished HR specialist and career coach based in Melbourne, I have identified a very common issue impacting today’s workforce. Regardless of whether someone is a senior manager, a highly educated professional or a new graduate, at some point in their career they will invariably feel stagnant, confused, demotivated, or lost with their career direction. I am often approached by family, friends and colleagues asking me for my career advice and career guidance to break through this career “funk.” I have also assisted many University graduates who, in spite of their tremendous efforts and academic results, have found it extremely difficult to get their foot in the door. Two years ago, there was a calling from within, and I was compelled to use my HR and career coaching knowledge to assist people in establishing and developing successful careers.

A fulfilling career comprises the ability to learn, expand your responsibilities, contribute, and be recognised. You may be:

► Starting out in your career and feeling unsure about your career direction or how to stand out
► Looking to build new skills or explore new interests
► Facing a crisis in your industry which has forced you to consider new options
► At a new phase in life, and you want to be known for something different
► Facing redundancy and need to ensure you are in the best possible position to land a new job quickly
► Eager to progress in your company and you need to take control of your reputation
► Interested in moving into a different area of your company e.g. from legal to management
► Changing careers and need to make a compelling case that your unusual background is an asset not a liability

Whatever your situation, if you’re unsure what your next career move should be, our career counselling can assist you to develop a career plan which matches your skills and experience to achieve your career goals. Our coaches are especially experienced in career coaching for lawyers, accountants, Data Analysts, Marketing, HR, Project Management, Scientist and IT professionals. We will give you tailored career guidance and career advice through the entire career counselling process, from creating a career vision, to identifying the right goals and resources needed to bring that vision to life. We are committed to assisting you in achieving a career that is both enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding.
Utilising scientifically proven methodologies, combined with our extensive HR, recruitment and career coaching knowledge and experience, we will tailor our coaching to suit your individual needs.

Career Coaching Services

  • Career Counselling and Career Coaching
  • Career Clarity and Career Guidance
  • Career Planning and Mapping
  • Professional Development (Business Communication, EQ and Strengths-Based Coaching)

On completion of our programs, you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity on the type of work that will motivate and inspire you
  • Set a clear career plan and action plan to achieve your dream job
  • Know your strengths and how to leverage them to achieve career goals
  • Make an informed decision regarding career options and direction
  • Have the knowledge and confidence to design or re-design your career
  • Develop greater understanding and confidence to achieve your own success

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Utilising scientifically proven methodologies combined with my extensive HR and career coaching knowledge and experience, I tailor my coaching to suit individuals. Book your consultation today and start on your career journey.