Personal Branding and Job Readiness

Having graduated from University as an international student I returned eight years’ later as a mature age student in order to progress my career. I completed my studies whilst juggling family and a demanding full-time job, so I understand the struggles and practical issues which University students face, especially international and mature age students.

I know the excitement and the optimism that graduating from University presents, but I also understand the anxiety associated with entering into a competitive job market, and the loss of direction with job searching.

If you identify with this scenario and would like to have support and guidance throughout your job searching process to stand out from the crowd, let me help you to gain that competitive edge! Unlike conventional interview coaching and resume writing services, our professional resume writers and coaches will prepare you from an HR Manager or employer’s perspective, setting you up for success by leveraging your strengths and positioning you to be the ideal candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager.

Our job search and job application services are a targeted approach to cut through the job search maze and get you focused on the jobs that are a good match for you, to increase your level of success and achieve job satisfaction into the future.

We support you through the entire application process from identifying the job search strategies and the ideal roles, cover letter writing, responding to selection criteria, and onward to negotiating contract terms and conditions, so you will have our support all along the way.

Perhaps you are feeling uninspired in your current position and want to step up and make progress, unsure whether you are in the right job and want to be confident in strategising your next move, want a complete career change but are not sure what to do or how to do it, or you want to return to the workforce after a long break..

We tailor our services to your individual circumstance and support you to achieve your unique career goals.

Personal Branding & Job Readiness Services

  • Personal Branding Strategies
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Professional Resume Writing and Cover Letter Writing
  • Job Application Support 
  • Responding to Selection Criteria
  • Job Search Support and Networking
  • Interview Coaching
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Workplace Culture Insight

On completion of our programs, you can expect to:

  • Establish a strong candidate profile across your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, ready for your next application
  • Be well equipped to enter into the job market with great tools and knowledge
  • Gain confidence in interviews and an increased advantage for landing a job in a competitive market
  • Have better developed soft skills which act as an competitive edge in interviews and for your career